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Shotokan Karate for Kids
Shotokan Karate for Kids
Kids or Adults, we all start at the beginning.

"By helping each other, we help ourselves and contribute to dojo spirit"

Karate training requires no previous martial arts experience. Beginner students will receive personal instruction from Sensei Takahashi and Shidoin (assistant instructors).  You start by learning fundemental techniques, the use of proper body form, and basic kata forms. As new students become more experienced with the basic movements, they will slowly be merged into the larger class.

When practicing with partners, beginners will be paired with advanced students who will help them learn correct movement and form.  Advanced students understand the need to move slowly and carefully with all new students.

Shotokan Karate Kumite for Kids
Shotokan Karate Weapons Training
Shotokan Karate for Kids

The Benefits of Traditional Martial Arts for Children:

  • Students progress at their own pace.
  • Classes include both group and individual instruction.
    Students receive personal attention.
  • Karate provides a structured physical fitness program for children who are intimidated by team sport situations.
  • Students can pursue their own personal goals in a non-competitive environment.
  • Traditional karate goes beyond physical training by emphasizing respect for instructors, fellows students, and oneself.
  • Karate helps students develop intellectual focus.
    This personal discipline often translates to other aspects of students’ lives, enhancing study habits and social interaction skills.
  • Students develop a sense of responsibility and personal control, which can enhance skills in practical nonviolent conflict resolution.
  • Child psychologists cite traditional martial arts as being beneficial for improving concentration in children with mild ADHD or other minor learning disabilities (reference articles available).
  • Karate develops physical coordination for growing bodies.
    This coordination translates to other sports and physical activities.
  • Students make friends and become part of an extended community.
  • Karate training is continuous year-round, unlike most athletic activities that only take place during designated seasons.
    Students can train throughout the summer and at other times when school is not in session.

The Benefits of Traditional Martial Arts for High School and College Students:

  • If the school agrees, karate training can fulfill physical education credits.
  • Karate is beneficial to students pursuing studies in the performing arts (e.g., dance, acting).

Takahashi Karate Dojo - Mt. Kisco
11 East Main Street, 3rd Floor, Mt. Kisco, NY 10549
(above bike shop, across from the train station)

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